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Novel Writing

And now I will blather about some of the novels I’m trying to write. A lot of what I write has a tendency to come out as young adult fiction or something like Japanese light novels. I don’t know how to feel about that, but if nothing else it’s a genre with a definite market.

UFO Girl

UFO Girl is going to be a series of books about a teenage half-alien girl named Janet Smith. Specifically, she’s half-Altairan, and in the story the people of Altair look human apart from having metal antennas a la My Favorite Martian . In the first book, UFO Girl and the End of the World , she has to find a way to stop an asteroid from destroying the Earth. Along the way Janet and her mom run into the Greys, the Men in Black, the Ro-Man, a bunch of weird ufologists, the catgirls on the moon, and fiendish agents of Planet X.
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Getting Started

“Studio UFO” was originally supposed to be a label for me doing freelance translation work, but for a variety of reasons that didn’t really happen, and I’ve been leaving this domain with the same unused page for ages. The other day it occurred to me that with the web changing a bit I have a bunch of stuff that doesn’t quite have a proper home anymore. My RPG stuff has a good home in the form of my Yaruki Zero Games blog, but with LiveJournal all but dead among my social circles, DeviantArt shambling along with its own B.S., and avenues like Google+ and Twitter being geared towards shorter, less customizable stuff, I decided I needed a new web space of my own.

This is going to be kind of an eccentric “everything else” site, covering basically everything of mine that isn’t either RPG-related or able to fit in 140 characters. That’s going to include what personal stuff I’m willing to put online for everyone to see, my non-RPG writing, and maybe ill-advised musings on other stuff in real life. I’m going to be posting up stuff about, for example, the novels I’m working on, in much the same way as I post about RPGs I’m working on over on YKZ. Like my RPGs I really need to get my shit together and actually finish things, and like with RPGs self-publishing is looking more and more attractive. But, we’ll see.