My name is Ewen Cluney. “Ewen” is pronounced like “Aaron” (or “Erin” for that matter) because I have weird parents.

I hold a B.A. and M.A. in the Japanese language (with a minor in Creative Writing). I am a writer, editor, translator, and game designer. Nearly everything worthwhile I can do involves words in some way. I spend more of the day than not with my mind in some other world. My day job is as a localization editor at a video game publisher.

I came up with the name “Studio UFO” way back when me and some friends were trying to make AMVs and weird videos with my UFO catcher dolls, plushies of anime characters that have since somewhat fallen out of style. Later I started trying to use the name as a label for me to do freelance translation work, but that never really worked out. I’m not a UFO believer, but I do find ufologists kind of charming. We all want to believe that the world is a wondrous place, after all. With or without flying saucers existing in real life, I like the image of friendly UFOs zipping through the night sky.

Social media websites have changed immensely over time, and the way I use them has changed too. LiveJournal sat in a pretty pivotal spot in my life for a while, but just about everyone in my social circles has stopped using it. For me Facebook is becoming the domain of weird relatives I don’t really know, while Google+ is for gaming stuff, and Twitter is a bit of everything. When I realized that as far as my original intent goes my “Studio UFO” site was pretty much defunct, I decided it could instead become a spot for me to express myself as just me, and not in my capacity as an RPG guy, since I already have a blog dedicated to just that. That means I’ll be blogging about my writing projects, media I like, and maybe some personal stuff.