One of my big passions in life is tabletop role-playing games. I play pretty regularly, and I also design, translate, and publish them. A whole lot of what I make myself has some kind of anime or other Japanese influence, and a lot of that is because I’m so routinely dissatisfied with how American game designers and publishers have handled that kind of thing. This site is mostly about stuff of mine besides RPGs, so here are the pages where you can find my gaming stuff if you’re so inclined.

Yaruki Zero Games

Yaruki Zero Games is my other blog where I post all of my stuff about RPGs. It has my thoughts about RPGs in general, stuff I’ve made for other games , and drafts of original games I’m working on like Magical Burst , Dragon World , and Adventures of the Space Patrol .

Star Line Publishing

Star Line Publishing is my joint venture with my friend Mike Stevens to publish quality RPGs, starting with a translated version of Golden Sky Stories.

Maid: The Role-Playing Game

Maid RPG is the first Japanese tabletop RPG ever released in English, and a thing I translated. It’s a wacky comedy game in the tradition of games like Toon and Teenagers From Outer Space, an exceptionally well-designed game that embraces randomness more and better than I’ve ever seen anywhere else.


Cel*Style is a group of independent RPG publishers who make anime-inspired games. Jake Richmond and his cohorts make a lot of great games, and promote them at a lot of conventions, especially in the Pacific Northwest.